Lamp Cap Types

Lets start this new blog site off with a nice and simple post.
Light bulb cap types, below is a picture and a quick run down of the different types of cap sizes, for now we are only going to cover the more common types.

Bayonet cap: Also known as BC or B22 it’s the lamp that you need to insert and twist 90 degrees, most common standard light fitting around the house.

Edison Screw:  Also known as ES or E27 this has been coming more and more popular especially with these new LED Vintage lamps flooding the market.

Small Bayonet Cap: Also known as SBC or B15 These are typically used in smaller lighting installations such as small bedside lights and mirror lights as they have a much smaller profile.

Small Edison Screw: Also known as SES or E14 Again these are generally found on smaller style lights such as salt lamps or inside ceramic type light fittings.

Light Bulb Cap Types

There are many other cap types out there but they are not as common as the 4 above in your average household lights.

You can find all of our lamp in our lamp (bulbs) section of the website.

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