What Is a Safer Switch lampholder?

Have you ever wondered what that little red piece of plastic is inside in the top of the lampholder?

Or you cannot seem to press the switch on the lampholder it seems jammed maybe?

If the above applies to you then you have a safer switched lampholder, these are perfect for the older generation as a safety feature and families with young children.

How does it work you ask?

Well the concept is if there is no light bulb in the lampholder then you cannot push the bar to turn it on, excellent no one can get hurt.

The little red pin in the center is the safety feature, when this is pressed down it allows the switch bar to be pushed to turn the lamp on, however when removing the bulb the red pin pops up and stops the bar from being pushed.

This will happen even if you take the bulb out when the switch is on, you will see the switch slide to the off position.

Electrical safety has to be at the top of priorities when it comes to younger children and the elderly.

Safer switched lampholder

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