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How to measure a bottle hole to determine the correct bung size needed.

  The best way to measure the internal dimension of your bottle neck hole is to use a piece of card as seen in the steps below.   Step 1: Grab the bottle, a piece

There are a couple of different ways that manufacturers provide the earth terminal in lampholders. S-Lilley which is a UK-based manufacturer use an internal earth connection so there is no terminal seen on the outside of the lampholder. The switched S Lilley lampholder provide 3 terminals on the

Have you ever wondered what that little red piece of plastic is inside in the top of the lampholder? Or you cannot seem to press the switch on the lampholder it seems jammed maybe? If the above applies to you then you have a safer switched lampholder, these are

Lets start this new blog site off with a nice and simple post. Light bulb cap types, below is a picture and a quick run down of the different types of cap sizes, for now we are only going to cover the more common types. Bayonet cap: Also known